Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Time Is Here! We're Off To Salt Lake City Utah...

First stop Denver Colorado,
to visit and spend the day with Jolayne!
These two have so much fun together ")

We didn't get to go in, but it was to cool to go by and see the new Mile High Stadium in Denver

Then Jo took us to the Denver Aquarium, so fun....

Two Cuties, I Love Em' ")

Too Fun...We each went in and said "Be careful don't hit your head, and each time we each hit our heads")

Max found some interesting spots, the huge dinosaur and the huge map that he had to point out Salt Lake City, Utah ")

They are too funny Pfft....

Max almost got a hold of that stingrays tail....

So glad to have been able to spend this time with his Sister, since she wasn't able to make it out to Utah to say good-bye for two years. Thanks Jo for a Fun Day ")

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