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Elder Robert Maxwell Bass Salt Lake City Central Mission September 19th 2012 - 20114



This is a favorite of mine, just before his Stake Interview with our Stake President Stout, he was so precious, he came out of his office crying. So, Sweet, So Humbling ")

Setting apart Sunday September 9th, 2012
President Stout is an Amazing man, a Great Stake President, So Glad He set Max apart he gave a great message about The Brother of Jared and how Max will be that light and messanger that he will bring light into peoples lives, it's was a wonderful night one I will always remember and I am sure Max will too, Oh! one more thing, Pres. Stout said, "From this day forward that Max will be known as Elder Bass ") even from Mom and Dad.

Elder Bass, Pres. & Sister Stout
It just so happened that it was during the Young Single Adult Sacrament night and there were some who were there that President Stout said we could invite to come in, Also, Bro. Bridges was there and who is a High Counc. now but was our Branch President twice and watched our kids grow up, was at the hospital when Max was born, helped teach him through out his life, bore his testimony here of what a great spiritual giant he is and compared him to President Spenser W. Kimball in stature and spirit. Thankful he was there to be present, a wonderful setting apart.

Bishop Roberts just getting done with Max's Mission Interview, Can't really tell but he is emotional, Love Him.... ") 


This was one of the most Sweetest part of this whole missionary experience, receiving the call. We had waited over a month for his call and what is so neat is Max really has missed his brother and sisters and they were all coming in for his graduation May 18, 2012 and they were traveling in together on that Thursday the 17th. Everyone had been hoping for the call even that day the kids had called, nope no mail, but, then the mail came, AND NO JOKE!  It came the day of, Heavenly Father really does bless us and watches out for us, he knew how much it meant to Max to have family around for this very important time in his life. I called him, (he was at the school) he ran home so excited, but didn't open it, he wanted to wait until everyone there. ")

 So, we got the mail at 11:00 and this is what he did all day, he held it and admired it, and cherished it, he was so excited. Oh! and by the way, the kids called and were saying on the way wouldn't it be cool if Max got his mission call while we were there, then they asked us if he got it in the mail today, nope no mail today (just a little windy")

 He was just too Cute and Sweet as he sat around all day just looking at his little ole' envelope ")
The kids didn't get to the house until 6:00pm
But look what was waiting for them ")....


The little guy got all dressed up in his Sunday best, put his envelope in the mailbox and stood out in front all cool with the biggest grin you could possibly get. It was the cutest thing to watch ") Then the kids drove up, I didn't get pictures cuz I was videoing it, trust me it is Sweet. But, the kids were so Happy and it was just all too Sweet how Heavenly Father made this all important day so special For Max. Everyone was home for him.

Special Day for Max (not quite Elder Bass yet") Love This Family Photo

Then we had Max admiring his Mission Call again and Ellie pulled up the stool and wanted to see it too, it was too cute. Love moments like these...

President, Sister Stout, Members of the Grove Ward come out to support 
Elder Robert Maxwell Bass as he receives his Endowments...

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