Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Family Comes Together To See Off Elder Bass

Farewell To Elder Bass ")

Family coming together to see off their Son, Brother, Nephew and Friend, What a wonderful time....

The family!
Just wish Dad and Jolayne were in this pic, Perfect family photo (Love it")

Podge and Kristen had just got married a couple weeks before we got there so we surprised them with this little wedding shower, So Fun, thanks to Emily for putting us all up and for the beautiful d├ęcor and cake, You're Awesome Love this pic

Me and my kiddo's (no jo :(

Cousins, Elder Bass, Isabell and Mateo jumpin' around havin' fun before Elder Bass goes into the mission home, they just love each other ")

Elder Bass, Mateo and Isabell

 Uncle Max (Elder Bass) and Evan Emro

A Great fun get together with family and friends, Such Great Fun before we send off our Maxwell ")

Kristen, Becky, Isabel, Mateo
Rose, Lori, Marti, Connie, Tricia, Max (Elder Bass")

This was so fun, I love my kiddo's, I just wish Jolayne was in it! Dang It! But we did stop and see her in Denver before we came to Utah.

Pics before the Mission....

 The Week before Elder Bass goes into the mission home.
I will Go, I will Do The Things the Lord commands

One young man ready to go and do the things the Lord Commands...

                                LOOK AT THAT SMILE....

Elder Bass was ready to serve...

Love this young man that was sent to us, such a good Heart, a true Giant in my Eyes.

 Days like these sure make a Momma proud...He's just too cool ")

 Loved this quote for the grass, but I think it was put there for other reasons too, cuz it was sure fitting for this time for Elder Bass to grow ')

 Thanks to our good friend Emily for taking these priceless memories....